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These vinyl gloves are ideal for another alternative option instead of latex or nitrile. They are perfect if you have an allergy to latex. Also, being powder free they reduce the risk of contamination to the fresh tattoo as well as the studio area and environment. Powder in medical gloves can also cause skin irritation, especially if worn for long periods so it is wise to choose powder free gloves if you can to help prevent such issues. These high quality gloves mean that you can always be protected sufficiently. They are not suitable for use with harsh chemicals such as cleaning or sterilisation fluids.
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Glove + Vinyl Powder Free Gloves-Small Gloves
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Glove + Vinyl Powder Free Gloves-Medium Gloves
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Glove + Vinyl Powder Free Gloves-Large Gloves
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Glove + Vinyl Powder Free Gloves-Extra Large Gloves
9,99 € avec TVA: 11,99 €
The vinyl gloves are semi-opaque, allowing you to see the skin covered by the gloves. They are produced to medical grade and are completely powder free. This helps to cut down on the risk of allergic reaction and contamination of the studio area. They are easy to take on and off, giving you a comfortable wearing experience throughout the duration of your use. These vinyl gloves are a great alternative to latex and nitrile gloves. They are particularly useful if you have a latex allergy as they are 100% NR Latex free. This means that you are not likely to have a type 1 allergic reaction when using these gloves. They are made from strong medical grade vinyl to prevent tearing or abrasions and cuts. These vinyl gloves can provide the protection you need during the tattoo process. Allow yourself to be completely safe and protected when wearing these gloves and ensure you always have peace of mind. Please bear in mind that these gloves are not suitable for use with harsh chemicals and are not ideal for wearing over long periods of time. They should be used to keep hands clean and protected during minor tasks that do not involve intense chemicals such as those used for sterilising.