Floor Stand

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Barber DTS are pleased to present a mobile floor stand used to be used in conjunction with all featured lamps. The stand is made from high quality materials ensuring that it is strong and resilient for a long lasting finish. It is completely height adjustable and wheels make it easy to move around. To use simply attach your lamp to the stand and position it where you need to. Made with the artist in mind to meet your needs and expectations.
Barber DTS are thrilled to present their floor stand, used in conjunction with all featured lamps. Specifically used for attaching practitioner lamps to so that they are supported and at the right height as you work. The floor stand is height adjustable so that you can position it at the correct height needed. It has wheels on the base and can be easily moved around by pushing it. The stand is white in colour and made from high quality materials on the market. It is string and resilient and designed to meet your needs and expectations as an artist. A must have for the professional. Barber DTS are a leading supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment and the biggest supplier in the UK. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals. They supply everything you need for the smooth and efficient running of your studio making sure that it adheres to health and safety regulations in the workplace.