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Always keep your previous designs to hand for reference and inspiration. They can also be helpful for explaining a concept that a client may not be familiar with such a shading effect or lining technique you have used before. Presenting your designs in a smart and tidy method is an efficient way of both displaying and storing your previous work. Many clients will want to see examples of your tattoos in the past to ensure that you have the technique and style that is suited to the designs that they want. Make it easy for them to compare designs by categorising your artwork into sections such as subject i.e. animals, portraits or tattooing styles such as photorealism or black and grey.
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It is important to always have a professional and orderly presentation system for your flash designs as well as photos and artwork from your previous work. This can help to showcase your talents as well as making it easy for clients to browse your current flash options for their tattoo. These high quality flip files make it easy to categorise your designs and photographs into section so both you and your clients can easily find the relevant designs for inspiration. Whether you want to order them by date, type of tattoo, placement on the body, subject or tattoo style, these flip files provide the ideal solution. They help to protect the artwork and keep your photographs and designs looking professional and crisp without becoming torn or worn through regular use. It also means that the pencil work or printed images will not become smudged or marked by daily handling, as well as being protected from dust and dirt. These flip files are available in a variety of sizes to suit your particular needs. Whether you need A3 or A4 we have options for you including files with 10 or 20 double sided pockets. This allows for a high number of designs and photographs to be securely stored in a professional presentation book.