Eternal M Series Ink - Perfect White

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Eternal perfect white offers an ideal tone of perfect white that is ideal for use in portrait tattoo works, having been designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau; two of the world’s leading portrait tattoo artists. This offers an incredibly high quality option in ink, with perfect and long lasting white colouration that is certain to blend well with a wide range of other portrait inks to make an effective option in a portrait tattoo. This is available in a few different sizes for your convenience and is manufactured to a high standard to ensure that the product is non-toxic and organic. To further improve the quality of the product we also ensure that the ink is sterilized to remove any bacteria, and never frozen, to improve freshness.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Encre Eternal Mike DeVries Perfect White 30ml
17,99 € avec TVA: 21,59 €
Eternal M Series Ink - Perfect White - 2oz (60ml)
31,00 € avec TVA: 37,20 €
The M series is a range of eighteen colours designed by the two world famous portrait tattoo artists; Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, this range includes a selection of some of the most extreme colours from perfect blacks, pinks, blues, greens and oranges to more subtle, flesh tones and of course this particular option of perfect white. The colouring is strong and bold, not only to ensure it stands out against the skin but also to ensure that it is a long lasting a durable option. While this could be incorporated into any number of designs this particular ink was developed specifically for use within portrait designs and as such is one of the best available in terms of blending with a wide variety of other colours. This ink is produced using a selection of natural ingredients to ensure that the ink is not only of a good quality and a long lasting nature but also to ensure that the ink is organic and non-toxic. It is the organic pigment inks like these ones that are increasingly popular, this is due to the fact the natural materials within the inks are less abrasive against the skin and thus less likely to cause any irritation to the skin, which allows the tattoo to heal faster and cleaner in most cases.