Eternal M Series Ink - Perfect Black

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The perfect shade of black isn’t always easy to find, and the black you use for portrait works often differs from that you use for lining tattoos, as you will want it to heal a little differently and blend easier with other colours in order to properly meet the needs of a portrait tattoo. This particular colour was designed by two of the world’s most renowned portrait tattoo artists; Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, so you can be certain that the colour is developed with the ability to blend well into other portrait tones effectively while still providing a reliable, long lasting, non-toxic and organic option.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Encre Eternal Mike DeVries Perfect Black 30ml
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M Series Ink - Perfect Black - 2oz (60ml)
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Cette encre ne doit pas être utilisée pour le tatouage sur peau humaine, elle n'est destinée qu'à un usage sur peau synthétique.
This is an ideal shade of black which provides a highly effective option for a wide variety of uses within a selection of portrait tattoo designs, regardless of your individual style or preferences. This particular shade was designed by Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, two of the world’s leading portrait tattoo artists and is just one of the 18 colours they designs, the range of which includes a selection of more extreme shades such as whites, blues, greens, pinks and of course the skin tones and this option of perfect black, a shade which can be difficult to find the way you need it as blacks and grey can often end up healing very differently. This is an ideal option for portrait works and comes in a selection of the smaller but popular sizes to ensure that your needs are met. The ink itself is produced using a selection of natural ingredients to ensure that the ink is not only completed to a high standard, ensuring the solid, bold quality of the colour is lasting and durable, but also ensuring that the ink itself is a non-toxic and organic option. Organic pigment inks like this one are less likely to cause irritation to the skin, because the materials within them are less abrasive, making them a desirable option, particularly for those of your customers who perhaps has sensitive skin.