Eternal Portrait Ink - Nude Blush

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There are plenty of colours to choose from in the eternal inks portrait colours range, which include an incredibly wide variety of skin tones. These are all high quality, natural shades that offer an excellent solution for all of your portrait ink needs. This is a fantastic shade of nude blush, making it useful as the basis or highlight in just about any portrait tattoo. This is a long lasting, bold colour option that will retain its quality for a long time to come on the skin. The ink is not only non-toxic and organic, but also sterilized and we ensure it is never frozen, this ensures you can have complete confidence in the ink you order from us.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Encre Eternal Flesh Tones Nude Blush 30ml
16,99 € avec TVA: 20,39 €
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Eternal Ink - Portrait - Nude Blush - 2oz (60ml)
29,50 € avec TVA: 35,40 €
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Cette encre ne doit pas être utilisée pour le tatouage sur peau humaine, elle n'est destinée qu'à un usage sur peau synthétique.
The portrait colours range includes a wide variety of shades, from flesh tones to bold pinks, purples, blues and greens. This particular option, the colour of nude blush, is one of the more classic skin tone options and provides a high quality and long lasting colour of warm flesh. This could make an ideal colour to incorporate into any number of portrait tattoo designs, regardless of how detailed or in-depth your customer may want it. This is of course produced to the same high standards as all eternal inks, which means that it includes a selection of natural materials which ensure not only that the colour is strong and long lasting on the skin, but also that it is a non-toxic, organic option to provide a greater level of comfort on the skin. The organic pigment ink reduces discomfort because it tends to be less abrasive against the skin, which means it is less likely to cause irritation when applied and therefore more likely to heal properly. To further aid in this quality of the ink we ensure that all of our inks are sterilized before being distributed, which means that any bacteria that might have otherwise been the cause of irritations, allergic reactions and even infections.