Eternal Ink - Honey Dew

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This particular, vibrant and light shade of green, known as honeydew, is a particularly popular option for the vivid and bold qualities the colour possesses, making it a fantastic choice to incorporate into a large variety of designs. The ink is available in a selection of sizes, so you can be sure that you’re getting the amount you need without producing excess costs and waste materials that you don’t need, and like all eternal inks it is a non-toxic and organic option. To further ensure the quality of all the inks you order from us we also ensure that this is never frozen, so you can be completely confident in the freshness of the ink, and we sterilize all of our inks, so you can be certain it is clean.

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Disponibilité: En stock
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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Honey Dew
8,99 € avec TVA: 10,79 €
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Encre Eternal Ink Honeydew 30ml/1 oz
16,99 € avec TVA: 20,39 €
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Eternal Ink - Honey Dew - 2oz (60ml)
31,49 € avec TVA: 37,79 €
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Cette encre ne doit pas être utilisée pour le tatouage sur peau humaine, elle n'est destinée qu'à un usage sur peau synthétique.

Eternal honeydew is a vibrant, bright green shade that makes a perfect addition to a wide variety of your designs, offering a much more vivid but still natural shade than many of the alternative greens available, and still holding the softer, slightly milkier shade that one would associate with honeydew. This is, like many of the eternal tattoo inks, available in a selection of sizes to ensure that you have what you need to ensure the best possible results, without producing excess cost and waste materials that you don’t need. The ink itself is produced using a selection of the best possible natural materials to ensure that the ink is not only long lasting and bold in regards to the colour, but also this also ensures that the ink is a non-toxic and organic option. It is the organic nature of the ink that is possibly the most desirable trait, as this reduces the chance of the ink causing irritation to the skin when applied. The risk of irritation is further reduced by our sterilization process, something that not many suppliers invest in despite the benefits to you and your customers. The sterilization uses gamma ray technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria within the ink that could otherwise have been the cause of irritation, allergic reaction and even infection.