Eternal Ink - Victorian Rose

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Eternal Victorian Rose is the perfect skin tone, particularly for use in an area too small to over-detail or for solid colouring in a larger area. This is a high quality, neutral tone that provides a warmer, softer look that is sure to compliment your customer’s skin tone. As with all eternal inks this is an organic, non-toxic ink that is available in a selection of sizes to ensure the most possible convenience for you. And to ensure your confidence with our products we never freeze our ink and sterilize all of our inks; so you can be certain that everything you order is fresh and clean.

Disponibilité: En stock
Disponibilité: En stock
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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Victorian Rose
8,99 € avec TVA: 10,79 €
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Encre Eternal Victorian Rose 30 ml/1oz
16,99 € avec TVA: 20,39 €
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Eternal Ink - Victorian Rose - 2oz (60ml)
29,50 € avec TVA: 35,40 €
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Eternal Ink - Victorian Rose - 125ml/4oz
53,50 € avec TVA: 64,20 €
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Cette encre ne doit pas être utilisée pour le tatouage sur peau humaine, elle n'est destinée qu'à un usage sur peau synthétique.

When seeking the ideal skin tone to include in your tattoo design there are plenty available options, however one that can make a particularly good selection for a solid area of skin tone in a tattoo design, particularly a larger area, is the eternal flesh tone. This is certain to compliment your customer’s natural skin tone while highlighting the tattoo area, and of course provides an excellent quality ink that will last and retain its colour on the skin for years to come. This is available in a selection of sizes for your convenience, allowing you to reduce cost and waste materials as much as possible. The ink itself consists of a selection of the best possible natural ingredients which combine to produce an organic, non-toxic option that is unlikely to cause irritation to the skin, where other inks might. To help further reduce the chances of creating irritation, or even infection, we also sterilize all of our inks using advanced gamma radiation technology to eliminate bacteria in the ink. It is most commonly these bacteria that cause the irritation, allergic reactions and infections that some customers experience, making our inks safer and more comfortable. We want you to feel confident using inks ordered from us, so we will never freeze our inks; this ensures that all ink you order arrives as fresh as it could be.