Eternal Muted Earth Tone Ink - Dusty Blue

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Eternal Dusty Blue is a soft, neutral shade that provides an ideal option for any number of uses, regardless of whether you plan to fill a large section of colour or whether you just want to use it as a small highlight. The colour is available in a selection of sizes, so you can be sure to get as much as you need without adding to cost and waste material any more than you have to. Like all eternal inks the dusty blue is a fantastic, high quality option of ink that is non-toxic and organic, and sure to retain the boldness of the colour for a long time to come.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Encre Eternal Muted Earth Tones Dusty Blue 30ml
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Cette encre ne doit pas être utilisée pour le tatouage sur peau humaine, elle n'est destinée qu'à un usage sur peau synthétique.
The shade of eternal dusty blue is a softer, more delicate shade of blue than some of the alternative options and provides a more gentle appearance when included in a design. Regardless of whether it is used in a large or small area of the design. The colour is cool and gentle, making it ideal option even in a large area, as it is not bright and attention grabbing as a lot of the other options. There are a selection of sizes to choose from, so you can be sure that you’re getting as much ink as you need without increasing costs or waste materials any more than needed. The inks are produced using a selection of the best possible quality of natural materials, which helps to ensure that the end product is an ink that provides an organic, non-toxic solution to your requirements. The nature of the materials helps to reduce the chances of the ink causing irritation to the skin when applied. We also ensure that all of our inks are sterilized using advanced gamma radiation technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that might otherwise be present in the ink, thus also reducing the chances of infection as well as irritation.