Eternal M Series Ink - Cool Dark Grey

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When it comes to colours like this you might not consider portrait work as the reason, but this is a specifically designed ink by famous portrait tattooists Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau. The Cool Dark Grey shade of eternal ink is part of the M series, named for its two designers, which is part of the portrait range of inks Eternal inks offer. The collection includes a variety of colours, from natural and neutral skin tones to a selection of greys, pinks, oranges and greens. These are all high quality inks, their colour is designed to last long after the tattoo has healed and of course they are non-toxic, organic inks which means that they are less likely to cause irritation to the area of the skin where they are applied.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Encre Eternal Mike DeVries Cool Dark Grey 30ml
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Eternal M Series Ink - Cool Dark Gray - 2oz (60ml)
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There are a number of inks available within the portrait tattoo inks range, one selection of which is known as the M series; named for the two designers of the series Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau, two world famous portrait tattoo artists who were well known for their realistic, monochromatic style. Eternal Cool Dark Grey is one of the colours found in this collection and unlike a typical grey includes a bluish tint that provides more of a realistic shade of the grey and gives the colour more depth when used and blended among a variety of other colours, as happens when producing a portrait tattoo. The ink itself is, like all other Eternal Inks, produced using a selection of natural, organic materials to ensure a non-toxic end result that is less likely to cause a reaction or irritation after being applied, thanks to the natural, organic nature of the ingredients. To further ensure the comfort and safety of your customers we also ensure that all of our inks are sterilized before distribution in order to be sure that any potentially harmful bacteria that may have been present in the ink are eliminated, this high tech sterilization process includes the use of gamma radiation, so you can be certain that any ink you order is completely safe. We aim to provide convenience to tattoo artists and as such offer the ink in a selection of the most popular sizes to help you acquire as much as you need, limiting your costs and waste materials while giving you want you need to produce your artwork effectively. You can also be certain that the ink you order is as fresh as it could be, because we never freeze our ink.