Welker 8 Wrap Coils

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Barber DTS stock a range of machine spares for all of your tattooing needs. The 8 wrap coil by Eternal Tattoo Supply is necessary piece of your machine for ensuring that it runs to the best of its ability. The 8 wrap coil is designed to generate an electromagnetism that moves the machines armature bar up and down so the needle can pierce the skin. Great for completing line work that doesn’t need much voltage. Made to the utmost of standards and in accordance with all European tattoo regulations. Comes equipped with a 22 UF capacitor. A must have for the professional tattoo artist.
Eternal 8 wrap coils are brilliant for completing all your line work. Perfect for replacing coils that have become old and worn through repeated use. The coil is a vital piece of your machine and should be cared for appropriately and replaced as soon as it no longer works to the best of its ability. Used to create an electromagnetism that powers your machine by moving the armature bar up and down so that the needle can penetrate the skin. Comes equipped with a 22 UF capacitor to provide enough voltage for the smooth and consistent running of your machine. The 8 wrap coil has been made to the highest of standards using the best materials available on the market. To ensure the safety of you and your customers it has been made in accordance with European tattoo regulations. Designed and manufactured by Eternal’s very own Terry Tramp Welker, a man celebrated for his hand crafted and precision built tattoo machines. Barber DTS are a leading supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment and the biggest seller of such products in the UK. They are well-known for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are favoured amongst professionals. They offer exceptional customer service skills and make sure that all of their products meet your needs and expectations.