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Protect and care for your fresh tattoo with these professional grade dressings from Magic Moon. Residual and secreted moisture can easily hinder the healing process, meaning it will take much longer before you no longer need to have a dressing over the area. These Dry Loc Pads are specially designed to absorb and trap the fluid and prevent it from sitting on the surface of the skin. They have a cellulose centre in the pad, meaning that the fluid is transformed into a gel like substance so it will not leak out of the dressing. Protect your clothes and surroundings by using these efficient dressings for your tattoos.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Dry Loc Pad - medium
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Dry Loc Pad - Large
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These high quality dressings have been specially developed for the tattoo studio. They are created to ensure that any fluid or moisture from your new piece is safely and quickly wicked away to the centre of the dressing. This means that there is no risk of leaks as well as giving the tattoo a better environment for healing. There is no contact between the fluid and the surface of the skin where the tattoo is located. They are available in three different sizes. These include Small - 61mm x 105mm, Medium - 100mm x 145mm Large - 145mm x 210mm. They are supplied in packs of 200-250 loose pads. The moisture is safely enclosed in the pad, creating the perfect environment for the skin to heal sufficiently. The pads are low adhesion and do not stick to the skin's surface and can be easily removed from the body part they have been applied to. Being available in a range of sizes means that you are able to pick the most suitable for your new tattoo placement. They can also be combined to cover a large expanse of skin if required.