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We have two different types of disposable apron available currently. They are both very similar, apart from the obvious colour difference. One product is a semi-opaque white plastic and the other is a bold green plastic. Both are ideal for use in the tattoo industry and are supplied in large numbers so that you can always have some on hand. At these affordable prices you are also able to frequently change them without worrying about pushing your costs up. Ensure that both your clothing and the studio environment is always sanitary, hygienic and presentable by always wearing one of these handy disposable aprons.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Aprons Disposable - White (Flat pack) - (100)
7,49 € avec TVA: 8,99 €
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Aprons Disposable-Green (Roll)
19,95 € avec TVA: 23,94 €
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These high quality disposable aprons allow you to be completely covered during the tattoo process. This helps to protect you and your clothing from being contaminated or stained by ink or other bodily fluids. Blood can be very difficult to remove from clothing and can easily cause a permanent stain. It is also not very hygienic and some people may be a little squeamish at the thought of walking round with someone else's blood on their clothes. Ensure that you are always protected by covering up with one of these disposable aprons from Barber DTS. Ideal for the tattoo industry as they are large enough to cover both the chest and lap area so this is ideal for when you are sitting and tattooing for long periods. They are the standard apron shape with a loop around the neck and two simple ties to fasten at the back. This keeps your arms free and unrestricted for when you are tattooing. These aprons can also be very useful for when you are preparing for a tattoo session as they can protect you from ink splashes, as well as the damage caused by chemicals that may be used for sterilisation and cleaning processes.