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These dermal anchor pliers are perfect for the changing and insertion of dermal anchor jewellery. It can be a quick and simple procedure to change the attachments on your piercing jewellery when using these stainless steel pliers. They have been specially designed to ensure that you can easily have control over the attachments and anchor itself. These pliers are suitable for sterilisation processes using an autoclave as they are able to withstand the high temperatures and steam permeation. The pliers have a thin tip, ensuring that you have accurate movements and complete control over both the insertion and attaching procedures. They are supplied in 5mm sizes, meaning that they are compatible with the majority of dermal anchor jewellery.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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4mm Dermal Disk Holder - Scissor Handled
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These stainless steel dermal anchor pliers can be used to help gain correct insertion of the delicate dermal anchor jewellery. Due to the awkward nature of positioning these piercings flush to the surface of the skin, it is important have the right equipment and instruments on hand when carrying out the procedure. These pliers have a scissor type handle and can be used to both lock and unlock the dermal anchor pieces. They are great for holding the top disk section of a dermal implant. We supply them in the 5mm size and this is compatible with a wide range of jewellery and piercing products for this procedure. Ensure that the jewellery is both accurately placed and secured into the skin with these specially designed pliers. They are made of stainless steel, meaning that they are also suitable for reuse after sterilisation in the autoclave machine with other items of tattoo equipment and piercing instruments. Ensure that you always have the instruments required for the procedure on hand in your studio by ordering these high quality supplies from Barber DTS. These pliers make it easy to change the attachments on client's dermal anchors in a quick and painless process. Dermal implants and anchors can be tricky to handle so it is important to have the right tools for the job.