December - Blue Zircon

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The deep and attractive green-blue tones of this particular stone perfectly represent the Blue Zircon; the December birthstone. This is of course part of the stud earrings range of birthstone products and provides you with an attractive, vibrant option, the appearance of which is enhanced by the use of the gold plated bezel setting, which of course provides you with a hypo-allergenic surface to ensure that this is a suitable option for even those with sensitive skin. Of course, to ensure you can have complete confidence in these products, they are supplied as individually packaged within sterile blister packs, which include the butterfly backings for a secure and easy to work with option.

This particular selection offers a beautiful stud earring design using Blue Zircon, the December birthstone, within an attractive gold plated bezel setting, this helps to enhance the colour of the zircon and the shape of the jewellery for a more clearly defined and attractive result. Of course your customers will be relying on you to help them find the best possible jewellery for their new piercing, and this is just one of the many birthstone designs available, providing you with not only a simple and attractive selection that your customers are sure to admire, and certainly wear on an everyday basis quite happily, but also gives a result that ensures comfort, given that this is suitable even for customers with sensitive ears. The design of the earring measures approximately 2mm, making this a cute mini stud earring, however the earring post is also 2mm and helps to ensure that this gives the best possible option for a first set of piercing jewellery, as the larger size encourages the piercing to heal larger, which makes it easier to work with once fully healed. You can use these jewellery options with complete confidence, as these are supplied individually and within sterile blister packs, ensuring that they provide you with the safest, easiest and most hygienic option possible, as well as providing the butterfly backings for the jewellery to ensure it gives a secure but easy to work with solution.