Cotton Tipped Applicators

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Cotton tipped applicators by Barber DTS are a must have for day to day use in your studio. Usually used by piercers for disinfecting areas of the body before they are pierced. This is important for preventing any infections during the healing process. Also used for removing any blood around the pricing when completed so that it does not clog up around the jewellery. Tattooists are also known to use cotton tipped applicators for cleaning the inside of their tips and grips. Made using high quality materials for a strong and reliable finish.
Cotton tipped applicators are used often in tattoo and piercing studios for a number of different reasons. The most common use for the tip is for cleaning areas of the body that are about to be pierced. They work well when applying skin disinfectants to remove any germs and bacteria that may be present. This is important for preventing infections during the healing process. The buds are also used for clearing away blood from the pierced area to tidy it up and to prevent it from clogging up around the jewellery. Some tattooists use the applicators for cleaning the inside of their tips and grips to remove any blood and ink before being sterilised. The applicators are long and are therefore able to fit up the length of the tubes with ease. Made from high quality materials ensuring that they are strong and resilient. The applicators are flexible to some degree however they are not designed to bend and twist. Made with the artist in mind to meet all of your needs and expectations. A must have for the professional and a great addition to have in your studio.