Hawk Power Lead

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Have this spare power lead for your Cheyenne Hawk tattoo machine on hand in your tattoo studio and you will never have to be in the awkward and frustrating situation of not being able to use it due to a damaged or lost lead. You may even be able to help a colleague or friend if their cable is unusable or misplaced. This quality power lead is produced to the same high standards as the Cheyenne Tattoo Machines themselves. You can be reassured that it will be reliable and long lasting to keep in your tattoo studio.

Barber DTS have a range of power supplies available for a number of different appliances. This replacement power lead for the Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine is very useful to have on hand in your tattoo studio. This allows you to continue using your tattoo machine whilst enabling the power unit to be connected to two different machines. Having a replacement lead is ideal for when it may become damaged or misplaced. This lead can help get your machine back up and running when you want to start tattooing once more but are prevented simply by the lack of equipment. This high quality lead will be reliable and last a long time if cared for correctly. . It is long lasting and hard wearing so that you get the best possible use from the power supply. Long enough to stretch a fair distance without the use of an extension lead. An essential piece of equipment to have in any tattoo studio and a must have for the professional artist. Ensure that you are never without the use of your premium Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo machine with this additional spare power lead. Keeping on close by can help give you reassurance that it will be there should you need it.