Cheyenne - 22mm Flex Grip - Black

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This is one of two options when it comes to a flex grip for your tattoo machine, and is the 22mm option, with the alternative being a 25.4mm option. The flex grip provides a comfortable and durable grip, which is not only compatible with any tattoo machine, regardless of whether that is a coil machine or a rotary machine, but it is also a fantastically efficient product. The cartridge is quick and easy to change, which ensures a more efficient tattooing process and the materials and design ensure the hygienic nature of the grips, so long as they are sterilized before each use. These products come with three test cartridges and a needle bar, to ensure that you have everything you need to get started.

The flex grip is one of the more comfortable and widely suitable selections for a tattoo machine grip, and as you would expect from a product of this standard it is compatible with a wide variety of machines, regardless of whether you?re using a rotary tattoo machine or a coil tattoo machine. This is a specifically developed product that provides professional tattoo artists all around the world with a wide variety of benefits, not only because of the incredible compatibility, but the fact that the product has been specifically developed to offer a durable solution and of course a comfortable one, with specifically ribbed design for a comfortable grip. The grip offers a light but comfortable hold, with a galvanized outer surface to ensure the long lasting durability, and a ceramic detent sleeve to ensure the stability and durability is further supported. This particular option is the 22mm diameter grip, thought this particularly type of grip is also available with a 25.4mm diameter. These products are supplied with a needle bar and three test cartridges, which are fast and easy to replace, allowing you to make your entire tattooing process faster, more efficient and more confident. These are a fantastic, hygienic option and very high quality, thanks to the fact they are not a one-use disposable product, though this does mean that it should be sterilized after each use to ensure that the hygienic standards of the design and material are maintained.