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We can provide both White 2ply and Blue 1ply paper towel that is of the centre feed type. Since it is not pre-sectioned or perforated you can easily tear off exactly how much you need, helping to cut costs and minimise wastage of supplies. It is ideal for use in a multitude of purposes in and around the tattoo studio. It is the perfect supply for cleaning and wiping large surface areas. These centre feed paper towels are available in White 2Ply and Blue 1Ply options. We have also added the compatible dispenser for these supplies below to make it easy to set up a mini cleaning station in your studio.
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Disponibilité: En stock
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Centrefeed Rolls 1 ply Blue
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Centrefeed Rolls 2 ply White
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Having these disposable paper towels on hand in your tattoo studio can be very useful. Once you have begun to use them on a daily basis, you will be unsure how you ever managed without them before. We have also sourced a suitable dispenser for the dimensions of these centre feed rolls, so you will not need to worry about finding a compatible holder that may not fit correctly. This makes it easy to locate them in numerous places in your tattoo studio so you always have some within reach. They are extremely absorbent, meaning they are ideal for cleaning up spills of both ink and other chemicals. These centre feed rolls can be easily used for cleaning as they are high quality and sturdy, so are ideal for wiping down large areas and ensuring they are sterile. They are supplied in two options of White 2ply paper towel or Blue 1ply paper towel. They both measure in at 19.5cm in height and 300m in length, meaning you will certainly get plenty of use out of this handy cleaning supply. It can be used during the preparation processes prior to a client coming in and is also very useful for the clean-up once the tattooing session is over and there are multiple areas that will need thoroughly wiping down and sterilising.