Black Widow 28mm

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Barber DTS are pleased to present the 28mm 3 ring knurled grip. Designed to give the artist maximum grip of their machine so they can tattoo with accuracy and precision. Featuring 3 knurled rings accidental slips can be avoided and 2 screws help to secure the grip in place. Made from high quality stainless steel for a strong and resilient finish that can be relied on. Made in accordance with European tattoo regulations. A must have for the professional artist.
Black Widow 28mm ring knurled grips are a must have for everyday use in tattoo studios. Designed specifically for the artist to grip so that they have maximum control over their tattoo machine. The grip is comfortable to hold and designed to stop the artist from tiring to quickly. Featured on the grip are 3 knurled rings that offer additional grip so that the machine does not slip from your hands as you work. 2 screws can also be located on it, each one used for securing the grip to your tattoo machine. The grip is made to the highest of standards using the best materials available on the market. It is strong and resilient with a long lasting and reliable finish. Designed to meet all European tattoo regulations put in place. Black Widow are a popular company who have been selling tattoo equipment for a number of years. They are famous within the UK and are now trying to reach out across Europe and further astray. All of their products are of a high standard and made with the artist in mind.