Black Widow 25mm Grip with Backstem

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The 25mm Black Widow grip and back stem is a must have for daily use in your tattoo studio. Half knurled and containing 4 knurled rings the grip offers extra control of your machine as you work. The attached back stem removes the need for you to buy one separately saving you both time and money. Made from a high excellence stainless steel and in agreement with European tattoo regulations. Intended to meet all of your needs and expectations as an artist. A must have for the trained tattooist.
The 25mm Black Widow grip with back stem is must have for the skilled tattooist. The grip features a half knurled body and 4 knurled rings to give the artist a stronger grip so that unintended slips are avoided. Attached to the grip is its very own back stem, removing the need for you to buy one separately. This will save you time and money and speed up your setup time. The grip is comfortable to hold ensuring that your hands don’t tire too rapidly so that you can work for longer. Two small screws can be found on the grip, each one intended to secure the grip to your tattoo machine. Made from a high class stainless steel so the grip is robust and hardy for a long lasting and dependable finish. A must have for the professional artist. Barber DTS are the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. They supply everything you need for the smooth and efficient running of your studio from the basics to the essentials. They are well-known for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals.