Black Widow Machine Protection Bags

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Hygiene is one of the most important factors for any tattoo studio to consider and making sure your equipment is clean and hygienic at all times is of the utmost importance. These machine protection nags from Black Widow have been designed to cover and protect your tattoo machine and help prevent cross contamination. By keeping you tattoo machine clean and safe at all times whilst tattooing you will not only reduce the risk of infection but you can also minimise the amount of the cleaning you will have to do ta the end of a session. Each box contains 500 machine protection bags.
Black Widow Machine Protection Bags from Black Widow are a must-have for any studio that is serious about its health and safety. Keeping your machine covered not only helps prevent cross contamination and risk of infection but it also means you will spend less time cleaning after a session. They allow you to protect your machine, yourself and your client. It can be quite easy for a tattoo machine to become contaminated, especially during the cleaning of a tattooed area as there is a possibility of splash back from the cleaning fluids or aerosol you are using. These bags are easy to use and lightweight so will not interfere with your tattooing but will make sure you and your equipment are kept safe. Bagging your tattoo machine will not only keep you safe but also give your client peace of mind too. These covers measure 102mm x 127mm so are suitable for a wide range of tattoo machines and come in quantities of 500 per box from Barber DTS.