Bishop Rotary - Spare Thumb Screw

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Should you find yourself in need of a replacement thumbscrew, regardless of whether that is because you have lost or damaged your original, we have exactly what you need. This is manufactured using a high grade aluminium, which helps to ensure that it provides the most durable selection possible, and even the sticker on the thumbscrew has been developed to help prevent scratching and minor wear to the thumbscrew to help extend the lifespan of the component. This is suitable as a spare or replacement on a wide variety of the Bishop Rotary tattoo machines, and provides you with a very cost effective and easy to replace option.
If you’ve lost, or somehow managed to damage, your thumbscrew there is no need for concern; replacements are available. This particular selection provides you with a replacement thumbscrew manufactured using 7075 aluminium, which is polished and anodized to ensure that this looks good, works great and lasts years. There are very few things that can damage this particular component, it might start to yellow when in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and tests indicate that this particular option can withstand 3 years of direct sunlight before showing signs of yellowing. Additionally this has been shown to hold up well against harsh cleaning chemicals. This is a spare specifically provided for the Bishop Rotary tattoo machine range, and provides you with an ideal replacement option suitable for these machines. Regardless of whether your items have become lost or damaged you could need replacement parts at any time, so it is important that you have access to spares before you need them, these are a cost effective solution, so there is certainly no harm in having one around even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it. The spares provided for these machines are manufactured to the same highs standards as the original parts, so you can be sure that they provide you with a durable and reliable selection.