Bepanthen Ointment

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Bepanthen is an easily absorbed cream which is commonly used in tattoo aftercare. It is easily absorbed and suitable for sensitive skin. It contains pro-vitamin B5 which helps with skin recovery and also has a soothing formula which can help calm irritated or itchy skin. When applied to a new tattoo it forms a protective layer to help stop germs and bacteria reaching the area but still allows the skin to breathe. Bepanthen is free from any antiseptics, fragrances, colours or preservatives and is available from Barber DTS in 30g tubes.
Bepanthen is a trusted product in the tattoo industry and is the only aftercare product some artists will recommend. It is gentle to the skin whilst helping to heal. It has been designed for natural skin recovery and contains pro-vitamin B5. It is suitable for almost any skin type and contains no additives, colours, preservatives or antiseptics. While helping the tattoo healing process it also helps to keep the skin smooth and moisturised. It has been clinically proved and works by creating a transparent layer of the skin which creates a barrier protecting against bacteria and infection while still allowing skin to breath and heal. Its soothing effect will also help prevent itching and scratching which can sometimes cause ink being pulled out of the new tattoo. A thin layer applied every few hours in the days after the tattoo is finished should be sufficient to help the tattoo heal properly. It is a transparent cream which means no white marks left on clothes. The ointment is available in 30g tubes from Barber DTS.