Aprons Disposable - White (Flat pack) - (100)

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Using disposable aprons when tattooing or piercing can help maintain high levels of hygiene ion the tattoo studio. These white aprons are available as a flat pack from Barber DTS in packs of 100. The pack can be hung on the wall or stored flat depending on what is most convenient for you. The aprons are typically 27 x 42” and have an 80 gauge thickness. Using these aprons while working means you are protected from any contamination and so is the client. As they are disposable, they are designed for single use so you can use a new one each time you start work on a different client.

Wearing a disposable apron when tattooing or piercing means that you are much less likely to get any blood or ink splattered onto your clothing. The aprons are 24 x 42” which will give you good coverage and being disposable you can simply throw away once you have finished tattooing. The aprons come in a flat pack which means they can be conveniently stored, either somewhere flat or on the wall. The aprons are waterproof and will help you keep your studio, clean tidy and hygienic. They also help prevent cross-contamination. They are perfect for both professional artists and beginners.