Aprons Dispenser

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This apron dispenser has been designed for use with a roll of aprons and can be easily attached to the wall for ease of use. It will hold one standard roll of aprons and has been made from an easy clean material to make sure you can maintain standards of hygiene. Using an apron dispenser will mean that you can keep your work area tidy but also have quick easy access to aprons too. The dispenser has been made from sturdy metal and has a slot at the front where the aprons are dispensed and a loading slot at the side.
This apron dispenser has a capacity of one roll of aprons and is made from a sturdy metal design that is easily attachable to a wall. This means your aprons will always be to hand and will also help keep your work space clear and tidy. The aprons are accessible through a slot at the front which conveniently dispenses them and can be refilled by a slot at the side. The dispenser has a capacity of 1 roll and is compatible with most sizes of aprons. It has an easy clean finish which helps you keep hygiene standards to a maximum.