Allen Keys 2mm

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Barber DTS supplies a wide range of tattoo tools and equipment including Allen Keys. This 2mm Allen Key is ideal for a range of uses in the tattoo studio. Not only are they very practical for general DIY they are also great for tuning and tightening up your tattoo machine. It is easy to use and can get into those tight areas. Using an Allen Key is ideal for tightening grub screws inside the screws to ensure they are secure.
The Allen Key is one of the most essential tools you can have in your arsenal. It is a great multi-purpose tool and has a great range of uses. Whether it is for tightening up and tuning your tattoo machine or just for general DIY jobs around the studio, you should never be without a good set of Allen Keys. This 2mm Allen Key is ideal for tightening the screws on your tattoo machine and tightening and loosening the screws on your grips. This particular Allen Key is designed for tightening 4mm grip screws.