Allen Key Set 10 Pieces

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Allen Keys are one of those things that you usually have lying around but can never find when you need it, this particular product selection helps to make that a problem of the past. The product offers a set of ten Allen Keys on a ring, which means that they are together, easy to find and almost certain to have the particular key you need, regardless of whether you’re tightening something on your studio furniture or your making an adjustment to your tattoo machine. These are 10 hex Allen Keys offering the most common sizes you are likely to use and providing these as specifically manufactured, durable and reliable products that are certain to continue to provide an effective solution to your needs.
As a tattoo artist you handle a vast variety of tasks on a day to day basis, and they certainly aren’t just limited to tattooing, and of course when it comes to everyday maintenance and adjustments, regardless of whether it is to your tattoo machine or your studio furniture, you may find that you need an Allen Key on a fairly regular basis. Of course, one of the problems with this is that they are a fairly small item, and there are a lot of different sizes available, so even if you can find it, you very rarely find the one you need. That isn’t a problem with this particular product, which gives you a selection of 10 Allen Keys of varying sizes, all on one ring to keep them together, make them easy to find, and ensure that they are easy to work with. As you would expect, these have been manufactured to the highest possible standard to ensure that they provide you with an effective solution for a considerable time, regardless of what you need them for or how frequently you use them, and even the connection between the Allen Keys and the ring has been developed to ensure it gives a durable and reliable option.