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There are a selection of ball bearing sizes available to you, giving you the most effective possible solution to your requirements and ensuring that you have what you need for your mixing and thinning of solutions. There are a number of options available with regards to the size of the agitators, and all are manufactured with high quality stainless steel, which ensures that the agitators can be sterilised and offer the most effective possible option for your needs, while allowing for the best possible results when agitating the ink and ensuring that the solutions are mixed and or thinned consistently.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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Mixing & Thinning Solutions - Agitators-6mm Diameter
9,89 € avec TVA: 11,87 €
Mixing & Thinning Solutions - Agitators-9mm Diameter
9,89 € avec TVA: 11,87 €
When you’re looking for the ideal option for mixing and thinning your inks and solutions you may want to try some of these agitators. It doesn’t matter what you’re working with, we’re sure to find something to suit your particular needs and requirements with our extensive range of products available. We offer a selection of different sizes when it comes to the agitators, with 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 11mm and 16mm packs available, as well as assorted packs which give you a selection of everything you might need in order to get the best possible results, regardless of the particular requirements of your solutions or containers. These are high quality products, which have been developed more specifically to provide you with a durable and easy to work with solution, and work well as a disposable product being low in cost and easy to dispose of, though as these are manufactured using high grade stainless steel you can also be sure that they are suitable for sterilisation, should you choose to re-use them. The small items drop easily into the container with your inks or solutions and help to agitate the solution when shaken, this might be used to ensure that when you’re mixing your own pigments you allow the colour to thoroughly mix, for the most consistent and attractive possible results, or you may simply be trying to thin your colours to create a softer look on the skin; regardless of how you choose to use them these are the ideal products for ensuring your mixing and thinning is done consistently and effectively.