5mm Jewelled Ball for Navel Bar - Titanium

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There are plenty of colours to choose from when looking for an attractive and reliable jewelled ball for navel bars, and of course if you offer piercings to your customers you will need to be able to supply them with the right selection of products, so that they can be sure to find a decorative option that they love for their navel piercing. All of these jewelled balls are supplied as packs of 10, with a 5mm diameter fit, manufactured using titanium for convenience and safety. These are available in blue zircon, aqua, sapphire, light sapphire, peridot, rose, light rose, fuchsia, light Siam, amethyst, AB crystal and crystal.
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Pack of 10 - 5mm Jewelled Ball for Navel Bar Sapphire Tit
8,13 € avec TVA: 9,76 €
Pack of 10 - 5mm Jewelled Ball for Nav Bar Per(Green) Tit
8,13 € avec TVA: 9,76 €
Pack of 10 - 5mm Jewelled Ball for Navel Bar Light Rose Tit
8,13 € avec TVA: 9,76 €
There are a lot of different body piercings to choose from, and of course when your studio offers piercing services it is important that you have a selection of piercing jewellery for your customers to choose from. This gives you exactly that, with a wide variety of 5mm jewelled balls for navel bars ? all manufactured using high quality titanium to ensure that you are able to achieve safe, sterile and durable results from the jewellery. We supply a total of twelve colour variations of these jewelled balls, so you can be confident that you?re getting the best possible variation, and each of the jewels are supplied as a pack of ten, so you can be confident that you?re getting the right value for money from the products. The colour variations include crystal, which is a clear, attractive and simple jewel option, without the extra flare that the colours provide but still offering something attractive and shimmering. AB crystal, which varies depending on the light to provide some of the most attractive results, generally giving a slightly more amber appearance. Amethyst, which is a popular birthstone option as well as being an attractive, darker feminine option. Fuchsia, which offers a warmer, bolder shade of pink. Light sapphire, which gives you a vibrant, light and attractive colour. Light Siam, this is very popular as it offers a bolder colour than many of the alternatives, and holds the light with a strong red hue. Sapphire, this is a darker, stronger shade of blue, very attractive and popular. Rose and Light Rose are popular, very feminine options that offer slightly different results, with rose providing a slightly darker, dustier and more natural hue. We also supply peridot, aqua and blue zircon; which offer various shades of green-blue that are each very popular and attractive.