5 Litre Pump Dispenser (Pack of 3)

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This is a simple but very effective solution to a common problem when it comes to finding the perfect way to access your fluids and gels without the mess and fuss of pouring fluid out of the container, particularly with regards to the large 5 litre containers, for which this dispenser is manufactured. These come as a pack of three, so you can have replacements or use one on each of your larger fluid bottles, these are manufactured using a hard plastic which ensures a good quality of product that is reliable and durable and of course easy to clean. These are compatible for use on a majority of 5 litre containers for fluids and gels.

This particular product is manufactured using a high quality hard plastic to ensure that it provides you with an effective, durable and long lasting solution to your requirements, regardless of the fluids that you are working with. This is most frequently used as a dispenser for cleaning fluids and gels and will fit easily onto a wide variety of 5 litre fluid and gel containers, the pack of three ensures that you have plenty to handle the number of fluids you are working with. These are a popular and very effective, no mess and no fuss system when it comes to dispensing fluids quickly and easily, regardless of whether that is to use them or to separate portions off into smaller bottles for easy, portable use; something that would have included awkwardly trying to tip a 5 litre bottle of fluid into a much smaller container without the aid of this particular product. These offer a whole selection of uses and the hard plastic and long spout are designed not only to ensure that it is easy to manoeuvre to work with this dispenser regardless of what you?re using it for, but also ensure to ensure that it is easy to clean the dispenser, regardless of whether this is because you want to reuse it or because you?re working in a clean and sterile environment. This is a no-spill, no-hassle solution that is certain to appeal to any number of industries, offering particularly easy access to those producing tattoos or piercings who may be looking for a faster, easier way of dispensing the fluids they need quick access to.