07 Diamond Clear - Black Widow

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This selection of 07 diamond clear tubes is available with a selection of different size grips, which help to ensure that you get the most suitable and comfortable selection for your particular preferences and requirements. The tubes are manufactured using a durable hard plastic, which offers a semi-transparent, dark tinted surface for the most effective possible results, improving needle visibility and reducing the appearance of ink for cleaner looking tubes. The grips are manufactured using a comfortable and easy to work with selection, which ensures a secure grip. As these are a disposable selection you can be confident they offer you an effective selection for short term heavy duty use, and are supplied in individual, sterile packs, meaning they can be used straight out of the box.
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Disponibilité: Rupture de stock
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When it comes to finding the ideal solution for tubes and grips there are no shortage of options, not just when it comes to tubes and grips, but with all tattoo supplies for your studio there are no shortage of options, regardless of your preference in brands or your requirements with regards to the types, sizes and materials used. This particular selection is the 07 diamond clear tube and grip combination, and offers you a durable, semi-transparent tube with the ideal selection of matching black grip, manufactured using a comfortable and easy to work with rubber and available in a selection of sizes to ensure you have something to suit your particular requirements. Because this tube is a semi-transparent selection it offers a higher standard of needle visibility, and with a smooth, careful design that ensures the needle is easy to mount without making the equipment excessively slippery. Additionally, because of the dark tint on the opaque surface of the tube, this reduces the appearance of ink blots, to give the tube a cleaner and more attractive appearance, further aided by the use of a black grip. These are a cost effective solution, and offer a particularly safe item, given that they are disposable and thus designed to be a single use product, which are sterilised using EO gas and packaged in individual blister packs, to give you complete confidence even if using the tubes straight out of the box.