Supreme Black by Workhouse

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The Supreme Black tattoo machine by Workhouse is a beautiful machine that has been made with the artist in mind. Specifically designed for those who are just beginning their journey in the tattoo industry. The machine is fully adjustable, easy to handle, light and very easy to use. With this machine you will be able to prefect your work and learn new skills to prepare you for bigger and better things. The Supreme Black tattoo machine is suitable for all areas of tattooing making it a brilliant addition to any artist?s collection. A must have machine for any serious artist.

The Supreme Black tattoo machine by Workhouse is a brilliant machine and a must have for any artist looking to improve on their skills. The Supreme Black has been specifically designed for artist who are only just beginning their journey in the tattooing industry. The fully adjustable machine makes it suitable for any type of artist and for any style of tattoo. It is easy to handle and has a light weight frame making it easy to use so that artist can get to grips with the machine and learn new skills quickly and easily. Designed to set you up for bigger and better things the Supreme Black machine will make a brilliant addition to your collection The Supreme Black tattoo machine is made by Workhouse, the largest distributor of tattoo equipment in Poland. Their skilled tattoo artist have designed and created the Supreme Black machine ensuring that it meets all your needs and expectations as an artist. At Workhouse they take their work very seriously and aim for high customer satisfaction is all areas of their work. Workhouse began as a small company but over the years they have built a name for themselves and have become one of the most recognised distributors of tattoo equipment in Europe. All of their products are made to the highest of standards making sure that they dint disappoint.