Stencil Stuff 8 oz

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Stencil Stuff 8 oz


The Only Tattoo Stencil Transfer Solution You'll Need

Get a crisper and cleaner stencil transfer without having to mix your own solution.

Tattoo artists rely on Stencil Stuff-the creamy lotion that is formulated to be non-toxic and safe for most skin types-to effectively apply stencil artwork directly to the skin. Many artists choose to create their own transfer solution, but the results can be inconsistent and sloppy.

That's why the perfectionist chooses Stencil Stuff. The product was developed by professional tattoo artists for a number of reasons, but most importantly the solution

Prevents cross-contamination

Comes in an easy-to-use bottle

Makes the stencil artwork long lasting

Eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line

Works wonders for outlining

Best of all, the solution makes it easier to reposition the transfer stencil using alcohol without having to re-create the stencil.

Give Stencil Stuff a try. It will beat out your homemade solution every time