Shapes Reg Stainless Heart

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This particular product selection provides you customers with a simple but attractive option of heart shaped, silver coloured stainless steel stud earring. Because this uses a fantastic, high quality, medical grade stainless steel material you can be certain that it is suitable for use with even sensitive skin, and will provide a comfortable and lasting solution to your customer’s needs, as well as providing a visually appealing option. The design itself is a simple heart shape measuring approximately 4mm, and offers a popular selection for a wide variety of customers, particularly among women. The earring post is slightly larger than average, allowing the piercing to heal a little larger and providing a piercing that will be easier to work with in the future.

Regardless of whether it is their first piercing or just their latest piercing your customers are going to want to be sure they have the best possible jewellery for their needs, so there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. Of course it is important that your customers leave with something they like enough to wear every day, so you should be sure to provide them with an attractive option, but this should be something that is comfortable for daily wear, so selections like this that use a beautiful, silver coloured stainless steel material are a particularly effective choice, even for customers with sensitive ears. This particular selection of earring offers a beautiful but simple heart design that is popular among a wide variety of customers. These are an exceptional pierce of jewellery for a wide variety of customers and provide you with an excellent quality of material and design. The design itself measures approximately 4mm, which makes it a standard size for earrings and provides a good size to be appreciated, without being considered obtrusive. The earring post is slightly thicker than normal, offering a 2mm size that ensures the piercing heals a little larger, making it easier to work with, particularly for your less experienced customers. These items are supplied individually within individual packaging which includes the appropriate butterfly backings to help ensure these remain securely in place and are completely safe to use with no hassle.