Reg Assorted Birthstars Jan-Dec

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There are plenty of options available to you when helping your customers to find the ideal piercing jewellery for their particular needs, and of course it is no surprise that this range of birthstones would be quite such a popular selection, offering a variety of attractive options that are certain to provide appealing results, regardless of whether your customers like them because of the colour or because of the birthstone. The design measures approximately 4mm and provides a gold plated claw setting which ensures this is a hypo-allergenic solution that will provide comfortable results even for those with sensitive ears. The earring post however is slightly larger than usual, making this an ideal option for a first pair of earrings as it does encourage the piercing to heal a little larger, making it easier to work with.
With this particular range of assorted products you receive a selection of beautiful birthstones, offering all of the month from January to December and providing you with attractive, hypo-allergenic, durable and carefully manufactured jewellery with designs to suit the birthstone of your individual clients, regardless of who they are. The stones are mounted in beautiful, gold plated claw settings which help to make this a particularly comfortable selection for your customers, as it is suitable for everyday wear and particularly comfortable as a selection for those with sensitive ears. The design measures approximately 4mm, making it a fairly standard selection, but the earring post measures 2mm, making this a slightly larger selection; ideal as a first pair of earrings it encourages the piercing to heal a little larger, which will make it easier to work with in the future. The products of course also include a beautifully made coloured crystal to represent the appropriate birthstone for the month of your customer’s birth, or even just an attractive design to suit their particular preferences when it comes to finding the ideal piece of jewellery. The selection offers an attractive Garnet for January, Amethyst for February, Aquamarine for March, Crystal for April, Emerald for May, Alexandrite for June, Ruby for July, Peridot for August, Sapphire for September, Rose for October, Topaz for November and Blue Zircon for December.