Incredibile Long Liner 30mm

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4,99 €
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Incredible Tattoo Supply are delighted to present the 30mm long liner for tattoo machines. One of the most significant parts of your machine the long liner panels its voltage, speed and stoke length. Made from a high class spring steel for a robust and fatigue resistant product. Made to the utmost of standards and in agreement with European tattoo regulations. A long lasting and dependable machine spare to meet your needs and expectations.
The 30mm long liner by Incredible is must have for everyday use in your tattoo studio. The long liner, also recognised as a spring is one of the most significant parts of a tattoo machine. Used explicitly for controlling the amount of voltage your machine needs, the speed it runs at and the length of stoke that it has. Made from spring steel the long liner is of a high excellence and strengthened to create a wanted rigidity. As well as this the steel is able to endure fatigue failure so that it is long lasting and smooth running. Easy to use and attach to your machine for a quick setup. Made to the utmost of standards and with the artist in mind. A must have for the professional. Incredible Tattoo Supply was created by the famous Lauro Paolini in 1996. All of his supplies are made in Italy and offer the artist the best quality and ergonomics around. With years of experience under his belt you can rest assured that all of his products will meet your needs and expectations.