Bronze Walker from Workhouse

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The Bronze Walker tattoo Machine by Workhouse is a brilliant machine perfect for use on strong outlines and for shading. The machine uses thick needles, anything above 5 and generally works off a low voltage in order for it to perform at its best. The machine is light weight making it easy to handle so that work is consistent and of a high standard. The Bronze Walker has been handmade and come equipped with 9 wrap big wire diameter coils. The frame is an attractive bronze that has been made from one piece of material. A must have for any serious artist.
The Bronze Walker tattoo machine by Workhouse is a stunning machine that has been handmade to the highest of standards. Designed specifically for use on strong outlines the Bronze Walker will help to create work that is consistent and accurate. Used on a lower voltage the machine works brilliantly when shading with thick needles above 5. The machine features 9 wrap big diameter coils, three layer springs and a strong grip holder making sure that the artist gets the best possible use from the machine. It is light in weight making it easy to handle and use making sure that the artist doesn?t get tired as quickly. Its attractive bronze frame makes it a beautiful addition to any tattoo artists collection. Milled on a CNC mill machine using one piece of material makes this machine unique in itself. The Bronze Walker tattoo machine has been designed and created by some of Poland?s finest tattoo artist and possess qualities that every professional would want. The artist who work for Workhouse work for the largest distributor of tattoo equipment in Poland, a well-established and sought after company. They work hard to ensure that all of their products are safe and that they meet the needs and expectations of the customer.