Birdy from Workhouse

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The Birdy tattoo machine by Warehouse is an excellent piece of equipment that works well for all of your lining needs. The machine features 8 coil warps that help Birdy to move smoothly and efficiently like the beating of a bird. It is an easy to handle machine that is reliable, sturdy and durable making it a must have addition to your collection of machines. Birdy will expand on your range of machines providing you with the opportunity to create more complex pieces of work. Made from a steel frame and finished with shiny chrome, Birdy will not fail to please you.
The Birdy tattoo machine by workhouse is a fantastic machine that is perfect for all of your line work. Its featured 8 wrap coils help the machine to run smoothly and precisely like the beating of a bird. Recognised tattoo artist across the world have deemed Birdy the best in her class at creating accurate and precise line work. The small machine is easy to handle and is structured from a shiny chrome trimmed steel frame that looks the part. Short springs help the machine to run strong and fast whilst remaining smooth so that it is able to conquer even the trickiest of lines. Workhouse, the creators of Birdy are the biggest supplier of tattoo equipment in Poland. For years now they have been going strong and have over the year’s built themselves a name and a reputation. Workhouse work extremely hard to make sure that the produce equipment that is of the highest of standards so that it performs and delivers as you expect it. Their machines and other tattooing equipment is well recognised all across Europe and is fast becoming one of the most popular brands on the market. Birdy is a must have machine for any artist looking to expand upon their collection of machines.