Vaseline Body Cocoa Butter 250ml

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This is an effective and reliable solution that will be certain to provide you with easy application and comfortable results from your tattoo aftercare. The Vaseline is infused with cocoa butter, which helps to improve the healing process for faster, cleaner healing of tattoos and more beautiful results, as well as providing the level of moisturising and protective action as you would expect of a product at this standard. This is supplied in a 250ml container and offers the thick, butter like substance that melts into the skin for easy application without leaving a greasy or heavy feeling on the skin.

This particular Vaseline option provides you with a fantastic, well known and reliable form of aftercare that is particularly effective for those with sensitive skin. This is an essential form of moisturiser, providing you with a smooth and easy application that melts into the skin for a smooth, soothing feeling that will last, encouraging healing and providing you with the best possible results from a new tattoo. This particular option of Vaseline contains pure cocoa butter, with promotes healthier skin and faster healing, aiding in the health growth of new skin for a cleaner and faster healing process, and of course this also provides you with a barrier against infection that will protect a fresh tattoo. This absorbs easily into the skin, melting as it is applied to ensure a smoother, more soothing application that won?t leave your skin feeling heavy or greasy. This doesn?t just make a fantastic option for fresh tattoos, but offers exceptional results as a continued form of skincare for tattooed skin, protecting the colours and health of the tattooed area for years to come, as well as maintaining a barrier and moisturising to protect the area against abrasive action or corrosive fluids that might otherwise cause fading of the tattoo.