Ultrasonic Indicators

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It is important to thoroughly check that your ultrasonic equipment is working effectively as the cleanliness and sterilisation of your equipment and instruments relies upon this initial process. If the ultrasonic bath is not thoroughly cleaning your items, it means that they cannot be sterilised thoroughly. Poorly performing equipment can lead to cross contamination between clients and puts everyone in your studio at risk from bacteria, viruses and infection. When dealing with the tattoo industry, having sterile equipment is of the highest importance as the instruments are used in permanent medical procedures which can have devastating consequences if not carried out in a sanitary environment.
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It is important that you ensure your ultrasonic cleaning machine is working effectively and efficiently every time you use it. If it is not working correctly, the items you are cleaning with it may not be hygienic or thoroughly cleansed. It is vital that exceptional levels of cleanliness and sterilisation are maintained at all times in the tattoo studio. Lax hygiene standards can easily lead to cross contamination between clients and yourself, putting everyone at risk from bacteria, infections and viruses, as well as blood borne pathogens. It is a very serious matter so all tests and checks should be carried out carefully and regularly monitored in accordance with the HTM 01 05 standards and guidelines on decontamination. These indicators are easy to use. Known as Ultrasonic load check strips or "Brownes soil test strips", they are a consistent and reliable way of checking the efficiency levels of your ultrasonic baths. They can be used with no risk of adding blood borne contaminants as they contain two sources of protein derived from eggs and porcine. They are specially formulated to mimic the cleaning efficacy of soil tests for surgical instruments as outlined as in the HTM 01 05 standards.