Tweezer Clamp

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Barber DTS are pleased to present to you the tweezer clamp. An important tool for the piercer as it is often used in everyday circumstances. Designed for firmly gripping areas of the body so that there are no mistakes or slips made. Small in size so it can be stored away neatly and transported with ease. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with all European piercing regulations put in place. A must have for the professional artist and a great addition to have in the studio.
The tweezer clamp is an important everyday tool for piercers. Used for gripping areas of the body firmly so that accidental slips aren’t made. The tweezer clamp is small in size making it easy to store and transport if needed. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with European piercing regulations to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations. Barber DTS are a well-known company and the largest supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment in the UK. Originally formed as Barber in 2000 but became Barber DTS after merging together with Davis Tattoo Supplies (DTS) in 2006. They are famous amongst professional artists and renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry. Barber DTS take the health and safety of their customers very seriously and do everything in their power to ensure that their products are safe. Their equipment is sterile, safe, reliable, strong and resilient to give you the best possible experience from what you buy.