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These TST Control strips are for use with autoclave systems. The TST stands for Time, Steam and Temperature. These are three critical parameter which need to be achieved to guarantee the effectiveness of the sterilisation process. These test strips are chemical indicators and gives instantaneous results. These types of control strips are easy to use and can be used by variety of staff with minimal training. It gives a visual reading of colour change and interpretation of results. You should regularly carry out these indicators in your autoclave to ensure that is working correctly and efficiently.
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These efficiency test strips are ideal for use in autoclave systems and ensuring they are always delivering optimum performance during the preparation process. If your autoclave machine is functioning properly, it can easily mean that your equipment and instruments are not thoroughly clean and ready for use in the tattoo process. If you use these items with a client, you are putting both your own personal health and safety at risk as well as that of the client. It can also mean that you risk cross-contamination between clients, as well as spreading the possible bacteria, infection, viruses and blood borne pathogens throughout the studio. These test strips change colour from yellow to a blue or purple hue when exposed to critical parameters. These strips are available in three different options as well as separate quantities to order. The types we stock include 3.5 min, 11 min and 15 min. They are available in rolls of 50 or 100. By carrying out weekly checks of your autoclave and sterilisation processes, you can have peace of mind that you are doing everything correctly to protect both your staff and the clients that enter your studio.