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It is important to use high quality supplies in your tattoo studio, even when you are at the creation stage of the tattoo design. Low grade products can hinder your ability to make truly stunning designs and damage the crisp nature of the line work and distort the design when it has been copied or transferred. By using tracing paper, you are able to easily adapt or change the design you are working on without altering the original artwork if you wish to revert to how it was created. Tracing paper can also be used to make multiple copies of the same drawing.
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Tracing Paper A3 Sheets 90gsm
26,49 € inkl. Mwst.: 31,79 €
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Tracing Paper A3 Sheets 63gsm (50 pages)
22,49 € inkl. Mwst.: 26,99 €
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Tracing Paper A4 Sheets 63gsm
10,99 € inkl. Mwst.: 13,19 €
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This high quality tracing paper is ideal for use in the tattoo studio. You can use this to help transfer tattoo designs, as well as making edits and adjustments without altering the original design, painting or drawing. Allow yourself to make several version of the same design by simply tracing over it on this special paper. It is best used when combined with a light box which creates a backlit surface for the design to be placed upon. This makes the outlines much easier to see and enable you to trace the entire design accurately and efficiently. We have several different weights of paper to suit your individual preferences and requirements. The pads of tracing paper all feature 50 sheets, enabling you to create a large number of designs or versions of the same design. We have both A3 and A4 sized pads available for larger designs. It has a finely textured surface that offers high transparency and excellent erasure qualities. Ideal for transfer, tracing, layout, sketching, and overlay work. Provides sharp prints and can be run through large document copiers.