Tongue Depressor/Spatula

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Barber DTS are pleased to present tongue depressors/spatula for use in tattoo studios. Commonly used for applying and spreading wax or Vaseline. Important for following health and safety regulations to prevent cross contamination. The wooden depressor should be used only once and then disposed of appropriately. It is strong and resilient so that it does not splinter. Made to the highest of standards and designed to meet your needs and expectations. A must have for the professional artist.

Tongue depressors/spatulas are commonly used in tattoo studios for applying and spreading the likes of wax and Vaseline. This is important for making sure that you don’t put your gingers in it as this could cause cross contamination. A different tongue depressor should be used for every client and the same depressor should never be put back in the pot. The tongue depressor is made from high quality Birchwood ensuring that it is strong and resilient for a long lasting finish. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with European tattoo and piercing regulations. A must have for the professional. Barber DTS are a leading supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment and the largest in the UK. They supply everything you need for the smooth and efficient running of your studio making sure that you adhere to health and safety regulations. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals. With Barber DTS you can rest assured that you are in good hands.