Tip & Tube - Magnum 09

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There are no shortage of options available for tubes or tips for your tattoo needs, however this particular selection provides you with both as a fantastic combination product. Because these two components have been specifically designed to work together you can be certain the offer a reliable and durable option, that mounts the needles easily. This particular selection is a Magnum 09 and thus works exceptionally well with needles of an 09 magnum configuration, another benefit to this particular option is that it gives a stainless steel manufacture, which is durable, reliable, easy to work with, easy to clean and can be sterilised in an autoclave for continued hygiene, even if you continue to work with the product for years.
Should you find yourself in need of tattoo equipment you are of course faced with a wide variety of options, with selections for shapes, designs, materials, colours and sizes available regardless of whether you’re looking for a tattoo machine or a tattoo tubes. This particular product option offers a fantastically high quality stainless steel tip and tube combination product, which means that this is a non-disposable but particularly convenient selection that provides you with two components developed specifically to work well together, regardless of what your particular requirements are this is sure to give an efficient choice. This product is supplied as a size magnum 09, making it a suitable option for working with needles of a standard 09 magnum configuration. This is manufactured with a careful design that ensures the needles mount easily and are held securely, and of course gives you a particularly high standard of stainless steel to work with, which helps to ensure that the tube and tip are easy to clean, long lasting and can be sterilised in an autoclave for a more efficient and hygienic result. Of course these are available in a selection of sizes, but provide you with a number of benefits, perhaps most prominently is the fact that these products are reused again and again, with a single tube and tip lasting for years with the appropriate care, so you don’t have to replace them on a regular basis, which does help to make these a more cost effective option than the disposable alternatives.