THC Aftercare 10ml

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THC Aftercare has been recommended by tattoo artists worldwide and is the winner of the first ever Gold Award from BUAV which is a campaign which aims to end all testing and experiments on animals. It can be applied to new tattoos and will soften, nourish and moisturise. It can also be used on existing tattoos to help revitalise and rejuvenate. It is suitable for all skin types and contains no petroleum or lanolin. It is available in 10ml bottle from Barber DTS and comes in packs of 24.

THC Aftercare has been designed to help care for a new tattoo and rejuvenate those that have started to look tired or worn. It is the winner of the first ever BUAV Gold Award for their work on animal testing free products. When applied to new tattoos it will nourish, soften and maintain so the tattoos remain looking fresh and new for longer. Blacks will stay black without fading and the vibrancy of the colours used will also be maintained. This aftercare product contains ingredients such as vitamins A, D and E which help support healthy skin. Unlike many other aftercare products on the market, this is not a barrier cream which prevents air getting to the skin. It works with the body to make sure the healing process is as natural as possible. THC Aftercare contain emollients which help to hydrate the skin and provide moisture whilst the linoleic and fatty acids giving a soothing effect. It contains no petroleum, parabens or lanolin and is kind and gentle on the skin. The way a tattoo is looked after in the first few weeks of its life dictates how it will look in years to come.