Tattooing and Piercing Consent Form A4 100 Sheets

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Using these ready made consent forms ensures that all the relevant information is given to the client, as well as informing you of any health conditions they may have. It also helps to protect both parties involved, as it ensures that the client is fully informed before the procedure is carried out. In addition to this, it acts as a legal document for the studio as it has the customer's signature showing that they give full permission and indicate their understanding of the potential risks involved in the tattoo or piercing they want. Aftercare is also important and this is referenced in the consent form.

Please see disclaimer below

This detailed consent form helps you cover any issues associated with the client's health prior to the procedure. Suitable for both tattooing and piercing options, this form will inform the client of any risks or dangers associated with what they are about to undergo, as well as highlighting that they are responsible for any problems or issues which they may experience as a result of the process. This can often include scarring, blood poisoning, localised infection, allergic reactions to the pigment and chemicals used, localised swelling around the area involved in the procedure. Consent forms are important in legal regards for both the client and the studio, as they give protection to both parties should something bad or go wrong during the process. Gaining a signature from the client is vital so always ensure they have filled out the form correctly reading all of the information given. The consent form also helps check the age and ID of the client, preventing those underage from gaining a permanent procedure illegally. It also usually outlines the fact that the client should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while having the procedure carried out.


Please note:

This consent form is intended to be an example or template consent form only.  It is your sole responsibility to check that the consent form contains all the requisite consents you require to comply with law and best practice.  This consent form is not intended to replace your own judgement or your responsibility to ask any person who wishes to be pierced or tattooed any and all relevant questions to determine their consent and/or whether there is any reason why you should not administer a tattoo or piercing to that person.