TATSoul X Portable Table

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The TATSoul X is a portable tattoo table, perfect for any artist travelling and attending conventions. The table is compact and well designed, allowing it to be folded into a conveniently small and specifically designed heavy duty canvas backpack, for easy handling. This is lightweight enough to carry without the use of additional equipment and complies with standard airline weight limits without any oversize fees, making it a fantastic option for travelling artists going further afield. This doubles as a dolly, using the support bar as a pulley and offering a fantastic solution to your requirements regardless of how much equipment you need to carry.

This is the very first portable tattoo table to come from TATSoul and is one of the most effective, efficient and portable options you will ever find. The table folds up into a compact and easy to transport option that fits into a specifically produced heavy duty canvas backpack, for easy handling and transport. Of course if you’re carrying a lot of materials with you or have a lot of luggage for the convention or event you’re taking your portable tattoo table to, you can actually convert the table into a dolly, using the retractable support bar as a dolly pulley. This provides you with a heavy duty dolly, perfect for suitcases, screens and travel cases containing anything you might need. This is an attractive, sleek and black option which is easy to work with and easy to clean, providing you with all of the required adjustments to offer a sitting position, a straddle position, a side position or a flat position; allowing you to work easily but while keeping your clients comfortable and still. The padding can be removed, either to protect it while the table is in dolly bode, or to offer an easy cleaning solution. This is a very durable and very secure option, giving you a 400lb weight capacity while in a tattoo table or chair position, and a practically unlimited capacity for the dolly position.