Sterile Needle Blades

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These high quality sterile needle blades are ideal for use in piercing procedures. They are designed for use in conjunction with the trained Pierce Artist International Methods. Ensure that you use the correct jewellery and needle combination to make the piercing a suitable size, as well as minimising the risk of tearing or stretching the skin which can be very painful for the client. These needle blades are supplied in packs of 100 and are pre-sterilised for your convenience. This gives you peace of mind that they are safe and ready to use upon receipt of the product.

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Sterile Needle Blades Standard Cut- 16g x 60mm (1.6mm)
67,49 € inkl. Mwst.: 80,99 €
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Sterile Needle Blades Standard Cut - 18g x 60mm (1.2mm)
67,49 € inkl. Mwst.: 80,99 €
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These sterile needle blades are ideal for use in piercing procedures. This is usually in accordance with the method taught by the experts at Pierce Artist when a professional has undergone their piercing training courses for the correct procedures and steps to undertake when creating a new piercing. We supply the standard cut needle blades in three different sizes. These include the 13g x 60mm (2.4mm), 16g x 60mm (1.6mm) and 18g x 60mm (1.2mm). These needles are supplied in boxes of 100 and are sterilised prior to dispatch. This ensures that needles are ready to use upon receipt, giving you peace of mind that the products are safe and hygienic upon entering your tattoo studio. They are a high quality product and will help to reduce the amount of preparation required as they are pre-sterilised. These needles should be used with same sized jewellery when using Pierce Artist International Methods. They are a professional grade piercing needle and allow for smooth insertion into the skin, as well as making the addition of jewellery to the body a simple procedure. Ensure that you always use professional grade supplies and equipment in your studio so that you get great results every time with minimal pain and discomfort for your client.